Rachel Magi and her husband Andrea Magi are veteran restaurateurs who own several Italian restaurants. Rachel is the daughter of a British mother and an Israeli father, while raised in Jerusalem. Andrea is a native of Italy, also known in Italy for being an Olympic boxer and medalist at the European Championships in the 1980s.

Magi's restaurants are Calata 15 restaurant in Pizarro, Italy; three Italian restaurants in London: La Pappardella restaurant and two branches of Mascalzone restaurant, as well as Made in Italy restaurant in Manchester. And now, after years of residence in London, Italy and the US, the two have decided to settle in Israel, so that their children can enjoy Israeli education and we can enjoy traditional Italian food.


Andrea and Rachel live and breathe Italian food. Their friends and family are all engaged in the field. Andrea's brother grows mussels in Pizarro, his father was a cheese merchant, and his maternal grandfather was a chef in the Italian Navy. Andrea himself graduated culinary in high school, and after school he continued to pursue professional sports; and when he retired, he returned to his love for the kitchen.

Andrea is a wine enthusiast, but savvy and also interested in raw materials, growers, boutique manufacturers and anything of high quality culinary. His wife Rachel is responsible of the different teams and hospitality culture - with the Italian warmth and joy, and together they are a power couple that radiates love and professionalism. Now they create here, in Herzliya...

Sun-Sat 12pm-12am . 89 Medinat Hayehudim st. Herzeliya . 09.9653434

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