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Welcome to Calata 15, a restaurant that introduces Herzliya to traditional Italian cuisine.  Among the classic ingredients in our dishes are many raw materials produced and grown in Italy and imported specifically for the restaurant, to provide our patrons the most authentic culinary experience.  We also use cutting-edge kitchen equipment such as Marana's Tabun, considered the forefront in the field and the first tabun of its kind in Israel.  Elegant windows at the restaurant’s entrance reveal the pasta room, where our pasta is created from scratch, allowing a glimpse into the intricate process of making delicious, fresh pasta.  In addition to our diverse dining menu, we offer an extensive wine and spirits menu, including classic Italian cocktails and wines selected by the Magi family, with options including Italian and Israeli wines, as well as fine wines from around the world.

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As you enter the restaurant, look to your right, through elegant windows, to view the Calata 15 pasta room. There our pasta team, led by Sarah, produces the freshest pasta you have ever tasted.

Among the restaurant's variety of pasta dishes you may find tagliatelle in Bolognese sauce, pappardelle in Chicken Ragout, pappardelle with simmered mutton sauce, Gnocchi alla Sorrentina in a tomato, olive, mozzarella and pesto sauce, seafood tagliatelle with white wine, chili and parsley, white bass ravioli with Salicornia, and more.

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We create our wide selection of Italian desserts in house, as taught by Italian confectionery master Uriella from Calata 15 in Pesaro, Italy.


Now, Uriella rules over the pastry shop and creates traditional desserts, ice creams and other sweet specialties

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Calata 15 will be happy to host your upcoming event. You have the option to select a preset menu for your event. Choose the best setting for your celebration - around a large table, at a knights' table, or even around the bar in the restaurant’s center overlooking the tabun, the kitchen and the restaurant.

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